Our strength

Creation and innovation Customized solutions and products

Tailored supply chain An adapted storage and delivery

On site labelling The guarantee of a conform sourcing to your nearest sites of production

Made in France* Quality and reactivity !

*: depends on the products

Technological integrations Act in advance : "source tagging" for better secured products

RFID Integrate and encode in advance

Eco-friendly To guide you in a CSR approach

*: depends on the products

Our services


With you in your environmentally responsible approach

Print, packaging and paper bags Certified Imprim’Vert* and FSC* … We pay special attention to the use of environmentally...

Our Worldwide Presence

Primway offers you concrete solutions thanks to its worldwide presence. Our goal is to enable you to benefit from...

Traceability Solution : CertiEye

Faced with consumers who are more and more involved in ecology and ethics, traceability tools are becoming major elements...

Upcycling, our ethical approach

Ucycling involves recovering products or materials meant to be thrown to be transformed. The idea is to upgrade them,...

PRIMTIC, ecologically responsible material

At Primway, we are attentive to your needs and we support you in your ecologically responsible transition. To this...

Our sectors

Textile and apparel

Our achievements

All the achievements

They trust us!

They are receptive and reactive
The textile sector and especially feminine ready-to-wear clothes is an endless questioning. The benefits are done to evolve sometimes in a few seconds. With Primway the period of adaptation is very short. The updates concerning the product or the process are done in real time. We always find an efficient answer to our needs at any moment. It is very comfortable in our job.
Benjamin Bettane CEO at KUJTEN
Innovative and creative, but still industrial.
Often, innovation doesn’t go with reliability. We are shown innovations which are unfit industrially. Primway proposes us creative solutions in design and products keeping in sight our productions priorities. Primway also develops open and evolutive solutions for each of our needs. From labels to packaging. We have a reliable answer for every topic, from logistics to RFID.
For us, Primway especially represents attentiveness and flexibility.
BA&SH, as every major brand, has, with time, developed a management tool with personalised functions. When we wanted to outsource the care labels management, we didn’t need to modify or adapt this information tool. Primway totally adapted to our particularities and quickly proposed us a tailored solution.
A partnership relation.
Primway is with us since the launching of My Little Box, and through the years we have developed a real partnership instead of service providers. We particularly appreciate their frankness, their flexibility and their ability to propose us last minute solutions.