Primway helps you to highlight your brand through 4 main activities: printing, labelling, packaging and bags. Depending on your needs and your expectations, our teams can guide you throughout your project, from the conception of the product to its delivery, including its industrial production.

Our locations and processes allow us to intervene in the whole world. A worldwide approach guaranteed by our locations in France of course but also in the United States, in China and Hong Kong, in India, In Bangladesh, in Australia, in the United Kingdom, in Italy, in Turkey.

Our range of products, and more particularly labelling, are suitable for most sectors. Whether they are stitched, self-adhesive, or hang tanged, we propose products for cosmetics, gastronomy, tour operators. We adapt our offer to each sector's constraints.

For brand label we mean all the common labels to one brand that we can find on the whole range. It can be a woven label, a Hang Tag even an embroidered name tag. A decoration label will be developed on a theme or more specifically on a product but will not be used crosswise for the brand.

Our production tool in France is especially dedicated to printing. We produce all our printing offer (Offset and digital), and a part of our labelling offer. That is to say printings of composition labels, stickers and price hang tag.

The group Jointak is a society from Hong Kong, leader in the clothing labelling sector, located worldwide. Primway joined this group more than 10 years ago to guarantee a global coverage to its own clients.

Thanks to our graphic designers, we can act both on the process of creation, development and production of course. We'll need a clear briefing on your expectations, your positioning, the expected style for the creation part. If we just take part in the production, a usable draft (PDF vector) with a reference product in case.

A file with a high definition PDF format. Then we can show you a passed for printing from this document.

Our range of products as well as our production tools are very varied, our MOQ depend on them. They are clearly notified at the time of the cost estimate. However, our control of the sectors linked with retail forces us to be flexible. As a result, we know how to adapt to short term manufacturing mainly dedicated to collections.

It depends on the products. It staggers between 12 hours and 4 weeks (without transport). Don't hesitate to consult us directly for more details on the concerned product(s).

We only manufacture products on demand. We have no stock of "neutral" products to design according to your needs.

You have an overview in the gallery section on our web site. If you want a complete presentation, our sales force is available for an appointment at our show room or at your company. Thanks for contacting us.