PRIMTIC, ecologically responsible material

PRIMTIC, ecologically responsible material

At Primway, we are attentive to your needs and we support you in your ecologically responsible transition. To this end, and for its incredible environmental and ecological qualities, we have integrated a new innovative material: Primtic.

This material replaces plastics usually used in the production of bags, e-commerce envelopes, pouches, packaging … and unlike the latter Primtic is biobased, biodegradable and recyclable. Primtic also replace kraft papers. For its environmental criteria, this ecological solution has already conquered, among other things, Galeries Lafayette as part of its GO FOR GOOD project.

Its innovative development is less energy intensive

The design of this new disruptive material differs from the one used in the paper manufacturing. Actually, the technique, called « foam forming », implemented to develop this sheet is based on its manufacture composed of 1/3 of water and 2/3 of air, whereas it’s only water for traditional paper. Moreover, Primtic contains no mineral fillers. As a result, it gives this material a sense of touch with a textile appearance. A silky touch very pleasant for your customers. And avoiding the risks of scratches, abrasion… You can use Primtic to pack your fragile products, such as leather.

In the end, its unique design guarantees a higher resistance to breaking and tearing than the Kraft paper used to produce bags, and assures a better protection for your products.

A favourable environmental assessment

The quantity of water and energy consumed is highly reduced compared to traditional paper production systems. Compared to the « water forming » technique initially used, the « foam forming » technique enables us to realise energy and water savings of 20% to 30%. Primtic is also available in a FSC® certified version.

With lower weight, the resistance of Primtic allows us to replace traditional papers to produce bags. Thus, for the production of the same number of bags, the weight of Primtic materials is lower than Kraft paper for example, and so its weight to be transported is reduced. Therefore, this reduction in weight reduces the energy needed for transport, and intrinsically reduces the carbon footprint…

Primtic, an environmentally responsible alternative material

To sum up, the use of Primtic is varied and can replace many materials in many applications:

– Plastic used to produce e-commerce envelopes to anticipate the planned end of single-use plastics.

– Cotton used to produce pouches and bags to make important water savings compared to the manufacturing of cotton, thus preserving our resources.

– Paper dedicated to the production of shopping bags. With identical weight, this material offers superior physical properties.

Concerning the creative part, this material offers the same possibilities as paper or plastic. It can be embossed, stuck, sewn…

Besides the environmental aspect, this new material gives credit to your products by enhancing it.

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