Traceability Solution : CertiEye

Traceability Solution : CertiEye

Faced with consumers who are more and more involved in ecology and ethics, traceability tools are becoming major elements in our responses for a more responsible fashion.
With CertiEye, we offer a simple and efficient traceability tool. A tool to inform and be transparent, on the products and their manufacturing conditions.

A unique identification technology and traceability

CertiEye is an original identification technology, developed by the Jointak Group.
In real time, through a simple smartphone application. It is used both to authenticate a product in the store and to give its traceability. It is a secure technology, it integrates different levels of security with more than 10 different patented technologies. CertiEye meets the objective of reliability of CSR information of brands to bring more transparency to consumers.

How it works

How does Certi Eye work?
CertiEye looks like a QR code and can be scanned in the same way.
This QR code (Certimark) can be integrated to the different labels on the garment (or on any other type of manufactured product).
The reading of the Certimark is linked to a web base which authenticates the product and can give all the information desired by the brand, about it. Nothing could be simpler to know the specificities of your product, the factory where it was manufactured. The social characteristics of this factory… Nothing could be simpler to ensure its authenticity and to prevent any risk of counterfeiting.

CertiEye is a reliable, simple and economical solution for your CSR initiatives.

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