Upcycling, our ethical approach

Upcycling, our ethical approach

Ucycling involves recovering products or materials meant to be thrown to be transformed. The idea is to upgrade them, ultimately producing products of higher quality than originally. In itself, everything is upcyclable by all. This practice is very trendy in view of the current economic situation. First introduced by individuals, more and more companies are taking advantage of this opportunity. Upcycling is a true bottom-line trend with various benefits.

At Primway today, we use recycled materials before anything else. With upcycling we go further and propose you to use your old stock of raw materials for other realizations in an anti-waste logic. What if waste reuse was both trendy, ecological and creative?

The true trend of the circular economy

This practice is part of our environmental-responsible approach since upcycling is a responsible and ethical concept. With this process, we realize energy savings and reduce our consumption of raw materials inherent in the manufacturing process. In this way, by reducing waste and reusing these materials, we are moving towards a positive impact on the environment.

Possibilities offered by upcycling

Restoring a new life to fabrics or surplus materials is our goal taking advantage of your creativity. This environmental-responsible approach can stimulate your creators. The recovered materials being limited, their use will give rise to limited series that will delight your customers. Making new with old has never been so trendy.

We collect your fabrics, whether it’s your scraps of pieces of fabrics or your excesses… directly in your factories and we transform them into tote bags, pouches, dust bags, cases or other objects. There is indeed a lot of possibilities that will delight your customers. Upcycling has no limit but your imagination.

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