Our Worldwide Presence

Our Worldwide Presence

Primway offers you concrete solutions thanks to its worldwide presence. Our goal is to enable you to benefit from efficient management and reduce your environmental footprint.

Although resolutely settled in the Paris region, we are a growing worldwide company. Today, through our Jointak group, we are present in the majority of textile production areas. Our production sites are situated in China, in the European Union, India and Turkey…

A strategic worldwide presence

Our goal is to offer you all the products as close as possible to your manufacturing sites. With us, save time and serenity, letting our teams taking care of the monitoring and global logistics.

Whatever the site, we guarantee the homogeneity of your packaging and marking products.

Whatever the site, thanks to our web platform you have access to a real-time tracking of your orders.

Whatever the site, we ensure the security in the processing of your data. And we guarantee the integrity of your data to simplify your processes.

Whatever the site, a local team is dedicated to your local productions.

To choose us, means:

– Reduce your carbon footprint by reducing delivery distances

– Reduce your costs through global productions

– Reduce your workload thanks to our full support

– Gain in responsiveness

– Gain in homogeneity

On a regular and repetitive basis, our different sites of production ensure quality control of the products manufactured to make sure they conform to your specifications. We make it a point of honor to supply you with products that meet your expectations regardless the place of production.

Proximity and environment

We try hard to find environmentally responsible alternatives for you. Our worldwide presence solves an aspect of the environmental ethics problem that you are facing more and more.

Primway is committing! In our eco-friendly approach, we are constantly seeking to limit the use of resources and energy of our production sites. Therefore, when it is possible, we strive to improve our environmental performance by supplying solar energy to our production sites.

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