Our strength

*: depends on the products

Creation and innovation

Customized solutions and products

As closely as possible to trends, with creativity and talent from designers on 3 continents, we are a creative force to guide you in your products developments. In this spirit of “tailored”, we have developed our own computing and production tools. So we can adapt our services and the implemented processes to your constraints and their developments.

Tailored supply chain

An adapted storage and delivery

For all our productions, we propose a customized logistical management: a dedicated storage, your orders prepared in multi-products differentiated by delivery addresses, and deliveries guaranteed in a period of less than 6 hours (according to the location).

On site labelling

The guarantee of a conform sourcing to your nearest sites of production

The “Office Service”, especially dedicated to the market “textile and apparel”, proposes solutions of production, storage and distribution that are decentralized, adapted to the need of each brand.
Our three aims:
- To offer to your manufacturers all the labels and accessories required for the clothing manufacturing just in one package, sent from the nearest location where it was made (from China, India, Bangladesh, Turkey, or countries in the EMEA zone, Europe Middle East and Africa), with a follow-up guaranteed by a simple and transparent tool called WeBenb;
- to guarantee you a world wide homogeneity for all your labelling and packaging;
- to free you from an automatic control, by the guarantee of its conformity.

Made in France*

Quality and reactivity !

We are proud to have preserved and developped our production tool in France. Our presence here allows us to guide you quickly and at the nearest. We are especially able to help you out in less than 6 hours! To keep a foot in production allows us to test and approve our process here before deploying internationally.

* : depends on the products

Technological integrations

Act in advance : "source tagging" for better secured products

Concerning anti-theft chips (EAS), we have incorporated Radio frequency (RF) and Magneto Acoustic (AM) technologies to our products for many years. Directly delivered to your manufacturers, our products can strengthen the securing of all the articles and reduce the work load of the sales teams. We also propose a large range of anti-fake solutions, visible or hidden: thread with special treatments, holographic sticker, sequential numbering, certieye code…


Integrate and encode in advance

Component of cross canal, facilitator of supply chain and stocks, the RFID technology grows in retail. We incorporate it to your labels, stickers, hangtags or care labels according to your constraints. We can incorporate this technology to the classic label set, even to the office service.


To guide you in a CSR approach

FSC papers, certified Imprim’Vert
Use of organic cottons and recycled polyester. We propose eco friendly solutions to guide you in your CSR approach.

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