Manufacture of a gastronomic box : Daubinet X Hopare


For the realization of this gastronomic box, we had to both highlight the artistic genius of these two great creators, and to offer this magnificent entremet a real jewel case where it would appear like a jewel in the eyes of its buyer. Because of its originality and its quality, this box will be kept by the customers as a souvenir.


Regarding the design, we opted for a contrast between a matte black background with a peach skin touch and the tone-on-tone design in gloss varnish. This technique highlights the graphic design of the artist Hopare in a sober, elegant and luxurious way.
As for the drawer of this case, our two artists had the following expectations:
– that it could be at the same time, simply pulled out like any drawer,
– that it folds down automatically to leave the tray where the entremet is simply slid.
To meet the specifications, we have adorned the short side of the drawer with two magnets that have been judiciously placed. Powerful enough to hold the tension of the opening by means of a pull tab and then allow it to fold down again.


The box that our teams have made meets the technical and artistic requirements. Beyond their expectations, the objective was to create an object to keep after tasting the entremet, a trace of a wonderful artistic and gastronomic memory.

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