Homogeneity and efficiency: on site labelling for Jennyfer


Jennyfer modified its processes of manufacture, from now on they are in favour of finished goods purchase instead of outsourced purchase. The consequence of this decision is that labeling sourcing is decentralised regarding the different suppliers, with two major issues. On one hand, the collection lost in homogeneity, each piece of clothing displaying a different label according to its source. On the other hand, the teams devoted an important part of their time to control the productions, some articles displaying non compliant variable elements.


We proposed Jennyfer to benefit from our office Service. This service makes it possible to protect the totality of the data used by the suppliers, and so to assure a more important homogeneity and avoid the automatic control of the passed for print. Concretely, our web platform centralises the files provided by Jennyfer, with materials and designs approved by the brand. No exterior modification can be done. It is on this platform that the different production sites, whereever they are in the world, upload the required elements for the making of the products. For the elements with no variable such as labels, or a label linked to the brand’s image, we duplicate each product on each site with a guaranteed similarity. For the other products, we inform any wrong labelling. In any case, the brand specifications is perfectly respected.


Thanks to the reliability of our international network, from now on Jennyfer benefits from a quality, consistent and homogeneous labelling in all its shopping networks.

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