Recycling : Hanger & Polybag


For our customer, the CSR imperative was not to produce a new polybag with hanger and therefore to recycle/reuse 100% of the products already in use. These two products had to be treated in parallel because the hanger is made of ABS and the polybag of LDPE.


recyclage en circuit fermé : cintre et polybag

To avoid producing new material and use only the existing. In partnership with our customer, we have set up a recycling circuit to recycle the polybags and their hangers.

This cycle is organized on 2 levels: the polybag part and the hanger part. The polybags, already made of 100% recycled material, are recycled again as raw material (plastic balls) while the hangers in good condition are sorted and collected to be reused as they are. The non-reusable hangers, which represent about 10% of the total volume, are recycled in the same way as the polybags as raw material.


Through this virtuous cycle, our customer saves more than 25 tons of virgin plastic for a production volume of 800,000 polybags & hangers. Moreover, this closed circuit recycling system allows to capitalize on the hangers with their reinjection in the cycle up to 90%.

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