RFID tag for Kujten: Time saving and reliable


For Kujten, logistics is the real key to success. Indeed, the Parisian cashmere reference wanted to simplify its procedures, gain in reliability while improving the ecological footprint of their supply chain. But how to be more efficient from a logistical point of view while including CSR issues? To achieve this, KUJTEN chose Primway to implement a reliable and eco-friendly RFID solution to support the growth of its omnichannel activities.


To meet the needs of the brand, we use for our current productions the inlays of our partner Tageos. These labels are manufactured by minimizing the use and waste of adhesives and plastics needed for their production. In addition, the antenna is engraved in an innovative laser manufacturing process, all excess aluminum is directly and entirely recycled and the paper used is entirely recycled.


Kujten has seen significant time and reliability savings with the integration of RFID tags and here are some of the numbers:

  • Receipt of supplier deliveries: 30 minutes vs. 1 week before
  • Warehouse inventory: 7 hrs vs. 5 days
  • Store inventory: 1 hr vs. 10 hrs
  • Shipping to stores: 30 sec instead of 10min per package
  • No order errors for the website
  • Decrease of disputes and decrease of after-sales contacts for the website


RFID technology can contribute to reduce overproduction and at the same time drastically reduce unsold goods thanks to a better knowledge of stocks. An almost real time knowledge of stocks for a better reactivity represents a real CSR solution.

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