Flawless: quality control for Uniqlo


For Uniqlo, the quality control is not a simple formality. The group’s demand is in the production of their brand woven label. Each label must be perfect: text centred to the millimetre in height and width, folds perfectly parallel to the label and always the same length… How can this production zero defect be guaranteed? To deal with that, we use a scanner which automatically classifies the labels to the tenth millimetre.


To satisfy the demands of the brand, we implemented automated units of cutting and folding with an integrated scanner. That way, each label is scanned before the cutting in order to always be centred to the millimetre. Once the label is cut and folded, each piece is manually controlled to guarantee a 100% zero defect.


Thanks to our system, Uniqlo remains faithful to its reputation and to major Japanese brands.

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