RFID tag : traceability, simplified inventory & eco-responsibility

RFID tag : traceability, simplified inventory & eco-responsibility

Today, the RFID tag is democratizing and becoming more and more accessible to all kinds of companies. As you certainly know, it is originally a tool for traceability and simplified inventory, but intrinsically it also becomes a solution to fight against pollution linked to overproduction.

The RFID tag: the solution for efficient logistics

Traditional inventory brings the company to a standstill for days and achieves 85% inventory reliability. Alors comment être plus performant? Avec l’étiquette RFID. Cette technologie permet de faciliter et de fiabiliser considérablement les inventaires. De plus, les inventaires en RFID sont plus rapides à réaliser. So they can be done more often in the warehouse and in the store, which guarantees the omnichannelity of the company.

The right product, in the right place, in the right quantity, at the right time, with the right information: that’s the objective behind the implementation of an efficient RFID system. Because supply chains can be complex to manage, RFID technology presents itself as THE solution that gives you access to accurate, reliable, real-time data. 

A complementary CSR approach with RFID

Consumers are increasingly concerned about buying responsibly and no longer hesitate to point the finger at industries that practice overproduction and waste. RFID allows you to have the right amount of product at the right time in the right place. This helps you reduce unsold products and therefore minimize the environmental impact of your business.

Faced with pressure from customers and public authorities, RFID technology appears as a way to progress in your CSR objectives. This is why we have partnered with Tageos, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of RFID inlays. Their labels are designed to reduce the use of materials related to their manufacture. Moreover, the antenna itself is laser engraved to avoid any waste of raw material.

To conclude, RFID technology, in addition to its management advantages, is part of an eco-responsible approach that helps reduce overproduction and thereby reduce your unsold goods.

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