RFID technology, operation and benefits

RFID technology, operation and benefits

Nowadays, responsiveness becomes the key to any trade and especially for textile. In a world that changes every second, to answer in time to an increasingly volatile demand, companies have to continually improve their efficiency and their procedures. The RFID is a technological innovation allowing optimal traceability for higher responsiveness. Find out everything there is to know about RFID technology.

Inventory control and RFID technology

In first the RFID is a toll for adjusting stocks. To carry out easier your inventories by increasing their frequency, it provides goods availability in real time.

Integrated into your products on your production site, through the Hang tag, a sticker or a polyester label, this technology allows you to identify and know the location of each item as a unique one.


Conducting inventories quickly and more frequently, minimizes the theft. As a result, automatically scanning products at the entrance and exit of warehouses or stores helps prevent manual counting errors.

RFID technology and the environment

The last two years textile industry has been strongly criticized for its energy-intensive production circuit. The global awareness of environmental issues due to overconsumption is pushing states to legislate on waste. With the enforcement of laws against this waste, keeping sales under control is becoming a necessity. In this way with optimized monitoring and inventory management, RFID becomes a tool in your eco-responsible policy.

Gains at all levels

In summary, Primway offers you RFID solutions that can contribute to :

– Gain in reactivity for a better knowledge of your stocks

– Increase sales and profitability through simplified inventories

– Improve the customer experience with a guarantee of availability

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